Planting the blessed herb

Ladies' Mantle
Ladies Mantle herb

to bind with Viper's Bugloss that destroys the generative force in women

in the Blissful Garden of Herbal Good

Ladies' Mantle relieves men's desire to return to the mantle of woman's womb

nail voodoo man
Nail Fetish

Mirror deflects malign influences and incubates herbal cure.

Boiled in water and applied in manner of a pultesse, dissolves and wastes away the swelling of tears and an astringent for longing. For comfort it keeps down the nipples when too big and shaggy and makes them lesser or harder - used in potions
or for burstings.

herbal pharmacists
Preparation of a medical potion derived from certain herbs.
Illuminated page: Hippocrates: De Diversis Herbis - 13 th century

It destroys the Myth that

In order to be loved a women must be beautiful

Healing the myth

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