Planting the blessed herb


Lovage herb

to bind with Deadly Nightshade that offers children to the devils, besides other animals
and fruits of the earth and with which they work much harm.

in the Blissful Garden of Herbal Good
Lovage supports the certainty of paternity

paternity of DHL tycoon

Island children claim late Larry Hillblom, DHL tycoon was their father, sue to inherit his millions. San Francisco Sunday Examiner and Chronicle

nail voodoo man

The Lovage seeds drunk with wormwood wine or wine wherein wormwood has been sodden, cures the suffocation and strangling and causes it to return unto the
natural place again of the matrix.

herbal pharmacists

Preparation of a medical potion derived from certain herbs.
Illuminated page: Hippocrates: De Diversis Herbis - 13 th century

It Destroys the myth that

negating women are not to be trusted

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