Separate from females. Be a separate person. Get male stuff in your body
so you can be masculine and strong. -G. Herdt 1982 Rituals of Manhood

Edwardian school boy

Public schools are where manly virtues are inculcated.-Joanna Bourke 1996 Dismembering the Male: Men's Bodies, Britian and the Great War

The success of the male requires downgrading of another. They need to compete and perform well to feel worthy. -Michael Gurian 1966TheWonder of Boys

Chechnya boy soldier
Security for young in Chechnya -Agence France-Presse

Boys can be disciplined into warriors. Initiates match with age-mates
and then eventually try to outdo them.

Solidality of Male Community

Russian Boy Scout poster
Boys function best collectivity in large groups, boy scouts, war etc.
-Deborah Tannen 1990 You Just Don't Understand

The first three Sambia initiation stages are collective, a group impact having psycholgical effect.

Nazi activism was a predominantly male preserve. Violence was a product of a political culture which praised male virtues of toughness and challenged the violent behavior of young men into domestic politics. Young men were out to prove a virility that was clothed in nationalism-anti-marxism.

Hitler youth
In Nazi Germany by the end of 1933, 47% of the boys aged 10-14 and 38% of
the boys aged 14-18, belonged to the Hitler Youth Movement compared to 15%
of the girls between 10-14 and 8% of the girls between 15-21 years of age.






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