Hitler gave the weapon of MANHOOD: slay the dragon of effeminacy, female sexuality in the Jew

Hitler Soldier physical Exam
Politically programmed to obey, cultivate soldierly attention "yes, sir" and to stop thinking when the magic word, "fatherland" is mentioned. War is normal violence and they would be disciplined for touching a comrade and executed for homosexual activity. -Nazi ideology

pure (Aryan) gymnast


A standard for male beauty was set by mid 1700 's and coopted by those stressing racial peculiarities adopted by Nazis.

Manly beauty is a sign of moral worth -F.L. Jahn, founder
of Modern Gymnastics. Gymnasts were to be chaste, pure, capable, fearless, truthful, ready to bear arms.

An outward disordered appearance signaled a mind that lacked control of passions. Jewish ugliness signaled this- the nose and swarthiness- hollow eyes and prominant chin

-George F. Moss 1996 Image of Man



The Discobulus in Repose by Naucydes

Thomas Carlyle was deeply rooted in a racial bias contemptuous of Jews.
-Hitler and Carlyle's "Historical Greatness" HISTORY TODAY,
June 1995 -Alan Steinweis

Jewish nose

The Jewish Nose -Dr. Hans Leicher
Munich: J.F. Bergman Verlag 1928

Only chaste motherhood could break the teeth out of her vagina
-Nazi ideology

There is no inevitable association between the male body and masculinity.
-Joanna Bourke 1996 Dismembering the Male: Men's Bodies, Britian and the Great War

Tarzan is an example of the superior white male in ape-infested primal Africa - a symbol for transcending the demands of women who were bent on luring him
into sexual excess. -Bram Dijkstra 1996 Evil Sisters

It is a violation of the universal principle of manhood that a woman rape a man.

assimilationist fantasy

Superman became the ultimate assimilationist fantasy. After World War II the United States, an America of power and influence, cloned itself into a country of Clark Kents.
New York Times Magazine

War is a test of masculinity.
-William Graham Sumner 1911War and Other Essays

3 USA soldiers together


-marriage, cohabitation, fatherhood

A warring society as Sambia, needs omnipotent, fiery soldiers.
Sambia adult confirmation: be a strong warrior and a strong provider.

Bravery, hatred of any weakness, of flinching before pain or danger has been the
selected key to masculine behavior. -Margaret Meade 1968
Sex and Temperament in Three primitive Societies


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