Being Involved With Woman Is Death Itself

A man is advised to keep away from his wife a few days before working in the field.
-Gilbert Herdt 1982 Rituals of Manhood

photo - Frederic Larson/S.F.Chronicle

A man's loss of vital essence caused the loss of his fortune. His weakened intellect
made him lose his capacity for conserving capital by which to make money.
-Bram Dijkstra 1996 Evil Sisters

Theda Bara
Men of the early 20 th century soon realized that a seemingly compliant house-
hold nun could be deadly, a memory of Theda Bara's kohl-eyed appetites.
-Bram Dijkstra 1996 Evil Sisters

Succumbing to a woman's charms is fatal as young men do not know how to uncontaminate themselves properly. -Gilbert Herdt 1982 Rituals of Manhood

Sambi girl adolescent



Menstruation turned the girl child into a woman of sexual awakening, the vampire's attack on innocence -Swinburne



Menstruation turned the girl child into a woman of bloody pollution and "singing out for a man" -Gilbert Herdt 1982 Rituals of Manhood

16 th century Swiss street-walker -Urs Graf

Man's image is depicted in the presence of enemies bent on masculine destruction.
-George F. Mosse 1996 Image of Man
"If a woman meets you on the path and flirts with you, you must copulate with her" -Tali

J Howard Miller-War Poster 1943

Hemingway implied inTo Have And To Hold that Marie was a little too masculine. She had wasted the "male-characteristics" within her and so they were only to have girls. -Bram Dijkstra 1996 Evil Sisters

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