.Sambia bride preparation
All marriages are arranged. The groom is 5-10 years older to assure male domination.
New Guinea bride in preparation for marriage.-Mary Cosh Squares of Islington 1993


Sambia male avoiding women

    • restrict frequency of intercourse and take the following precautions:
    • ingest special leaves to strengthen stomach and skin.
      after coitus:
    • chew redwood bark to cleanse mouth
    • or keep bark or red seed in mouth so not to swallow saliva
    • place spearmint in the nose to prevent inhalation of women's smell
    • clean fingernails; clean hands with nettles
    • plunge legs in cold mud
    • eat leaves for milk sap ingestion to restore lost semen


Indian birth control poster (tamil) 1970

Birth control would bring unbridled gratification. Every woman of childbearing age should have a child about once in two years.
-Mary Scharlieb, The Control of Parenthood , London 1920

The male has a wet-nursing responsibility

* milk from breasts into sea
Man's role in the care and feedng of his wife was that of mother feeding a child.
-Havelock Ellis' association of erectile nipple to erectile penis, 1913.

William Carlos Williams' imagery in his diary relates woman's nipple to a little penis.
-State University of New York at Buffalo

*Psychic union of opposites with the sea of renewal arising from virgin's milk
-Stolcius de Stolcenberg, Viridarium chymicum 1624

Hitler/Goebbels with family
Hitler and Goebbels with family -Rodina
A warrior heightened image of masculinity surrounded by weak woman and child.-George F. Mosse 1996 Image of Man

Male Marriage Updates

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