An evolutionary elite should police American marriages to see that the evolutionary capitalist male have a passive, perfectly acculturated wife.
-William Graham Sumner War and other Essays 1911

lady with monkey

Woman is the key to evolution and degeneration. She must renounce the longing
for the African gorilla, the masculine in her, for the sake of monogamy.
-Stuart Cloete Congo Song 1943 Boston

1730 cartoon
H.L. Mencken'sDefense of Women, 1918, declared that all women are sexual predators; that enjoyment was the sign of the prowling animal; that the resigned passive is an indication of successful acculturation. The early colorless wife
was a token of "female" success.

husband tying wife
1891 cartoon
Pair marriage is a monopolistic masculine achievement of ownership interwoven with
capitalism. -William Graham Sumner 1963 Social Darwinism; Selected Essays

woman giving birth
Finnish birth scene 1880

If women grow weary or even die while bearing children, that does no harm. Let them bear children to death. That's what they're here for. -Martin Luther 1532

madonnamother with teeth
Woman gave up her natural sex-vice heathenism of wasting man's vital essence and accepted it only for becoming a mother.
-William Graham Sumner War and other Essays 1911

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