Blocked Sinuses to be chemically or surgically treated
American Academy of Otolaryngology New York Times 9/27/96

Blood in noses of women threaten powers of reasoning. -G. Herdt 1982Ritual of Manhood


Purging the cold virus pollution
Brian Willer The New York Times 12/15/96

Frozen Cells Harvested from Human Foreskins
of Circumcised Infants

frozen foreskins
Advanced Tissue Sciences' product Dermagraft, a bioengineered skin
for burn victims and diabetics -Michael Macor, S.F. Chronicle 10/25/96

Magnus Hirschfeld
Heroic Figure of Modern Sexual Liberation

Magnus Hirschfeld,sexologist
Tim Kao/The Chronicle

Founder of the Berlin Institute of Sexual Science. A powdered substance of ginseng and pulverized dog, deer, and antelope penises was promoted as an aphrodeziac. The Institute, destroyed by Nazis in 1933 , will be re-created
for exhibit July - August, 1977, in San Francisco


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