Flames, Flame-Bait & Flaming

"You'll hear a lot about flames while reading network news. a flame is an inflamatory message, usually posted for no other reason than to start an argument."

Flame wars, affirmative action and babies (oh my!).from Mikki Barry:

"In 1991, a huge flame war [a heated debate carried out via electronic messages] erupted over affirmative action in the soc.women's news group.The flames were exchanged for many months, tensions getting higher and higher. Not being one to let anyone else have the "last word," I helped fuel this war with my obviously eloquent article, made increasingly virile through the evil hormones prevalent through late pregnancy. However, nobody on the Net knew I was pregnant, since I was at work until the day I went into labor. Just as the flame war reached its peak, however, I had the strange feeling that I wasn't going to be able to participate for a while. So I posted a message saying, in effect, "Sorry, I can't respond to this thread anymore. I have to go have a baby now." Morgan Elizabeth Baumann was born later that night.

-The Mac Internet Tour Guide by Michael Fraase

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