Lili Marlene

The plaintive song of a soldier who left his girl and knows that someone else is with her now. His fear of dying and never seeing her again makes him remember how he saw her first, standing under a lantern, both their shadows melting into one and her mouth reaching up to his. During World War II Marlene Dietrich entertained front line troops under fire. As propaganda to reach Germans to uprise, the OSS sent Marlene Dietrich, one of their own people, to sing German translations of American songs, one being Lili Marlene.

Author's Query: For a book on Marlene Dietrich, I would appreciate hearing from anyone who saw her perform on stage in her U.S.O. shows, her Las Vegas revues in the 1950's other one-woman show on Broadway. I am also interested in any anecdotes.

Bob Katz, Harvest, 185 Bridge Plaza North, Suite 305A Fort Lee, N.J. 07024

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