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Dorothy's Costume-Derived Timeline

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  This timeline determines flashback dates first from script evidence, then from real historical people and events depicted, and only finally from costuming and sets.  For example, the flashback costumes of "Partners of the Month" and "Fatal Mistake" postdate the scripts' dialogue and stage directions by many decades -- even centuries.  In cases of conflict, this timeline gives precedence to the script's text over filmed costuming and props.  Continuity throughout the story of Forever Knight is the guiding goal, and may influence other factors.

        Italics designate flashbacks by characters other than Nick, as well as past events referenced without an establishing flashback.

(Maintained by Amy R.  Compiled with assistance from Jo, Lisa, Laurie and others.  Originally based on Dorothy E. and Valerie M.'s excellently researched and now stunningly formatted costume-derived timeline, which gives precedence to costuming and sets over script text in cases of conflict.)


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(Original in 1996)
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Year Episode Flashback/Reference Location
64 "Dark Knight, The Second Chapter:"
Lacroix claims, "I taught Nero the tune, and together we watched Rome burn."
79 "A More Permanent Hell" Pompeii
99 "Ashes To Ashes" Valley of the Kings, Egypt
c. 742-814 "Dark Knight, The Second Chapter:"
Lacroix claims he "rode with Charlemagne."
Western Europe
1070-1100 "A Fate Worse Than Death" Paris, France
1070-1100 "Near Death:"
Janette's near-death experience
Between Life and Death
c. 1162-1227 "Dark Knight, The Second Chapter:"
Lacroix claims he "taught Genghis Kahn the lessons of war."
From Northern China to Eastern Europe
c. 1193-1203 Nick is born. Probably Castle Brabant, Brabant
c. 1204-1213 Fleur is born. Probably Castle Brabant, Brabant
c. 1215-1225 "The Queen of Harps" Carreg, Wales
1228 "Dance by the Light of the Moon" Paris, France
1228 "Near Death" Paris, France
1228 "Dark Knight" Paris, France
1228 "Dark Knight, The Second Chapter" Paris, France
1228 "Killer Instinct" Catacombs, Paris, France
1228 "Curiouser and Curiouser" Paris, France
1229 "Be My Valentine" Castle Brabant, Brabant
c. 1233-1237 "Fallen Idol:"
Fleur gives birth to Andre.
probably France
1247 "Fallen Idol" France
c. 1355 "Francesca:"
Francesca begins living in her castle.
Cote du Rhone,
Avignon, France
1380-1391 "Fatal Mistake" England
1403-1422 "Partners of the Month:"
Nick and Janette's 97 years together begin.
1428 "For I Have Sinned" (1st flashback) France,
on the road to Vaucouleurs
1431 "For I Have Sinned" (2nd flashback) France
1431 "For I Have Sinned" (3rd flashback) Rouen, France
1448 "Trophy Girl" France
1440-1460 "Dead Air" Europe
1490-1516 "Dead Issue" Hertogenbosch, Holland
1500-1519 "Partners of the Month" Rome, Italy
c. 1535 "Crazy Love" Italy
1528 "Dead of Night" Linz, Austria
1531 "Black Buddha, Part 2" Lake Titicaca, the Andes
1578 "Sons of Belial Spain
c. 1590 "Love You To Death:"
Nick begins killing "only the guilty."
1649-1659 "Dying To Know You" probably New England
1665 "Fever" London, England
1690s "Last Act" England
1720s "Blackwing" (1st flashback) Canada
1740 "Undue Process" Williamsburg, Virginia
1755 "Francesca" Cote du Rhone,
Avignon, France
1787 "Blackwing" (2nd flashback) future Toronto area
1790 "Blood Money" France
1792 "My Boyfriend is a Vampire" Spain
1805 "If Looks Could Kill" Germany
1812-1814 "Unreality TV:"
Possibly in jest, Lacroix suggests he saw Nick during the War of 1812.
North America and the Atlantic
1826 "Capitol Offense" France
1825-1830 "I Will Repay" seacoast, probably Ireland
1828 "False Witness" Ireland or Britain
1830s "Let No Man Tear Asunder" Geneva, Switzerland
1840 "Hunters" Britain
1828-1850 "Hunted" England
1849 "The Code" probably Arizona
1850 "Avenging Angel" Chinatown, San Francisco, California
1853 "Night In Question" the Crimea
1857 "The Fix" Germany
1853-1860 "The Fire Inside" South Carolina
1861-1862 "Unreality TV" Virginia
1883 "Blind Faith" Croydon, England
1888 "Bad Blood" London, England
1890 Love You To Death Paris, France
1890 "Love You To Death:"
Nick ceases killing altogether.
Paris, France
1890 "Hearts of Darkness" New Orleans, Louisiana
1895 "Dark Knight:"
Mayan archaeological dig
Altun Kinal, Guatemala
1912 "Black Buddha, Part 1" the Titanic, Atlantic Ocean
1916 "Cherry Blossoms" San Francisco, California
1916 "Strings" St. Petersburg, Russia
1918-1919 "Jane Doe" train, central Europe
1921-1924 "Faithful Followers" near Khartoum, Sudan
1922 "Baby, Baby" Paris, France
1925 "Father's Day" (2nd, 3rd flashbacks) Paris, France
1925 "Father's Day" (1st flashback) Toronto
1925 "Father's Day:" Lacroix's flashback Toronto
1925 "Father's Day" (4th flashback) Los Angeles, California
1941 "Father Figure" London, England
1942 "Outside The Lines" Lyon, France
1953 "Forward Into The Past" Toronto
1954 "Spin Doctor" Chicago, Illinois
1958 "Hunters:"
The paper trail created by Larry Merlin claims Nick Knight was born January 1, 1958.
Chicago, Illinois
1960 "Close Call:"
Nick's old driver's license
Greenwich Village,
New York
1962 "Only the Lonely" and "Last Knight:"
Natalie is born.
Probably Canada
c. 1963-67 Richard Lambert is born. Probably Canada
1964-65 "Amateur Night" Chicago, Illinois
1966 "1966" East Berlin, East Germany
1968 "Beyond The Law" Chicago, Illinois
1969 "Dying For Fame:"
Possibly in jest, Nick says he was at Woodstock with the Grateful Dead.
Woodstock, New York
1971 "Can't Run, Can't Hide" South Vietnam
c. 1975 "Black Buddha, Part 1:"
Lacroix says this is when Janette came to Toronto.
c. 1980 Natalie graduates high school. Probably Canada
c. 1984 Natalie graduates college. Probably Canada
c. 1989 "Dark Knight:"
Nick says this is when he came to Toronto.
c. 1990 Natalie graduates medical school. Probably Canada
1990 "Only The Lonely" Toronto
1990-1995 "Close Call" Toronto
1995-1996 "The Human Factor" Toronto and Montreal

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