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excerpts from nothing
The closest thing I have to an actual manifesto. An open-ended series I haven't written anything in for a few years.

Freedom and Individuality in the Music of Cecil Tayor
This was my Graduate Thesis. It is an analysis of the Cecil Taylor orchestra at the 1995 SF Jazz festival, an event I participated in. It is written in three parts; the historical basis of the birth of Taylor's music, an anaylisis of the Unit Structure's liner notes, and a close examination of two passages from the concert. There is an audio tape that accompanied the thesis, but I did not feel comfortable posting the audio files without permission from all 42 musicians.

For Annea Lockwood
Musings on questions posed by composer Annea during her short tenure at Mills. These writings were used as the basis for the chamber pieces For Annea Lockwood.

Beginning Notes on a Manifesto of New Music
Written in early 1995 at the urging of George Lewis during his semester at Mills. The ideas here formed the basis for "excerpts from nothing".

Program Notes for New Langton Art's Bay Area Awards Show


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