Kyra Rice

site specific installation:  san francisco > Encased Flight

Projected Continuity
Luggage Store Annex 100 Market Street
San Francisco, CA

This installation occupied "the glass triangle;" a storefront space in the Tenderloin, San Francisco, managed by local art gallery, The Luggage Store, as a venue for large scale and installation art. Nylon twine spanned the length of the storefront interior creating a form that is defined by the shape of the architecture while simultaneously the form points beyond this source.

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Projected Continuityt

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The architecture is a daily influence upon the lives and experiences of those who inhabit the street around it, shaping and defining their immediate pathways and direction. The lines of twine reference a continuous projection of experience - while the form is shaped and revealed by its context it leads the mind and the eye to a place beyond its defining boundaries.

©2000 Kyra Rice