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Links to other 20th Maine units across the country and world:

Company A (OR)

Company B (ME)

Company C (southern CA)

Company E (MD/VA/PA)

Company F (WA)

Company F (southern CA)

Company F (UK)

Company G (CA)

Company G (Germany)

Company H (PA)

Company I (Canada)  NOT ACTIVE?

Company K (PA)  NOT ACTIVE?

Company K (France)



Other 20th Maine Websites:

20th Maine Volunteers (

Tom Chamberlain Website (

Maine Regiments in the Civil War (

Tom Chamberlain: My Brave Young Brother (



California in the Civil War

Friends of Civil War Alcatraz (

California Military Museum in Sacramento (

Californians Serving in the Civil War (

Confederate Militia in Los Angeles (

California Militia and National Guard Unit Histories (

San Francisco Museum and Historical Society (



Other units in the 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, 5th Corps

44th New York, Ellsworth's Avengers (

83rd Pennsylvania

16th Michigan



Links to closely associated units:

Golden State Fifes and Drums (

California Consolidated Drum Band (

9th Louisiana (

5th California Volunteer Infantry Band (

Union Medical ACWA (

114th Pennsylvania: Collis' Zouaves (

69th New York, Co. B (

1st New Mexico Volunteers (


Teddy Blue's Photo Archives (

Arthur Henrick's Paymaster Website (

2nd Maryland (

Czech Republic ACWA (

Sons of Union Veterans, Phil Sheridan Camp #4, San Jose CA (



Son's of Union Veterans

United Veterans' Council (



Other Maine Units

Maine Civil War Message Board (

1st Maine Cavalry, Co. A (

2nd Maine Infantry, Co. B (

3rd Maine Infantry, Co. A (

16th Maine (

Paul Dudley's page (



Western Re-enactment Associations:

ACWA: American Civil War Association (S.F. Bay Area)

CHAS: California Historical Artillery Society (Fresno)

FTHA: Fort Tehon Historical Association (So Cal)

ACWS: American Civil War Society (So. Cal)

LHA: Living History Association (

NCWA: National Civil War Association (S.F. Bay Area)

NCWV: Nevada Civil War Volunteers (NV)

NCWC: Northwest Civil War Council (OR)

RACW: Re-enactors of the American Civil War (Nor CA)

WCWA: Washington Civil War Association (WA)

AOP: Army of the Pacific (So Cal)

SCWRT: Sacramento Civil War Roundtable

Peninsula Civil War Roundtable

Galt Civil War Skirmish Association

1st New Mexico Vol. Infantry



Research Links:

Center for Civil War Photography (

Library of Congress (

Replica Percussion Revolver Collectors Association (

Maine State Archives (

Civil War Center at LSU (

NPS Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System (

Dom Da Bello's Homepage (

Carlisle Barracks and US Army War College (

The American Civil War Homepage (

CWC at LSU Unit Links (


National Archives and Records Administration ( click on geneology

Smithsonian (

The Watchdog (

The Civil War Archive (

Civil War Rosters (

Union Army Reg. History Index (

Union Regulations 1861 (

History Cloth (

Camp Chase Gazette (

Bayonet Drill Manual (

Flag Code Website (

Flag folding website (

Roots Web (

Ohio Historical Society (

The Civil War Index (

Civil War Home (

A Private's Guide to Drill (

Arlington Cemetery (



Links to Improve Your Impression

20th ME, Co F has an excellent section entitled "Homefront Resource Site" for improving soldier and civilian mental impression.  Provides a great background on time period living (

The Drill Network ( links and drill manuals online

Hardee's Drill Manual online (

American Civil War Bugler (

The Authentic Campaigner (

Improving your impression (

NPS Civil War Soldier (

NPS Camplife (



National Reenactment Organizations

Reenactor Ring (

Union Army Ring (

Heartland Valley Awards (



International Websites about the American Civil War

Swedish site/blog about American Civil War (



Civil War Music

Poetry and Music of the War Between the States (

Songs of the Union (

Contemplator (



Sutlers and Merchants:

Jarnagin's & Co. (

D&N Mercantile (

Excellent Sutler Listing from the 33rd IL Band (

William Dunniway's Collodion Artist (

20th Maine store in Freeport Maine (

Dixie Leatherworks (

Traditions Muzzle Loaders and Powder Flasks (

The Regimental Quartermaster (

Fall Creek Suttlery (

The Flag Guys (

Richard R. Gideon flags (

Flag Services (

Quartermaster Shop (

Civil War Dog Tags (



Progressive Sutlers and Merchants

CJ Daley Historical Reproductions (

Haversack Depot (

Dirty Billie Hats (

Clearwater Hats (

Trans-Mississippi Depot (

Sullivan Press (

Mattimore Harness Civil War Boots (

Crescent City Sutler ( GREAT for reproduction books!



Civil War Movies

Gods and Generals (

North and South (

Ron Maxwell Movies (

Blue and the Gray



Gods and Generals

Cold Mountain

Wicked Spring

Ride with the Devil



Large Scale Re-enactments:

Gettysburg (



Civil War Battlefields

Gettysburg (

Friends of Gettysburg (

Gettysburg Battlefield Online (

Fredericksburg (

Petersburg - Pamplin Historic Park (



Other Great Civil War Links:

Photographic History of the Civil War 10 volumes (

Walden Civil War Fonts and Clipart (

Civil War Photography (http//

PBS Civil War Page (

Bob Koch's USA Civil War Page (

Gun Sight Antiques (

Civil War Book Review (

The National Regiment (

Don Troiani's Prints (

The Valley of the Shadow (

The American Civil War (

The Civil War Reenactors (

Civil War on CD ROM (

Dakota State Univ. Civil War Links (

Pilot the Hunley! (

Raise the Monitor! (

Confederate Network (

Fredericksburg Battlefield Virtual Tour (

33rd Illinois Volunteer Regiment Band (

48th Ohio (

39th Iowa (

2nd Wisconsin Association (?)

Thomas Publications (

Military Art (

Civil War cards (

Morningside Books (

The Civil War Mall (

Wisconsin Historical Society (



Civilian Websites

Old Time Patterns (

Time Dances By Victorian Jewelry (

Elizabeth Stewart Clark (

Fanny and Vera's Guide for New Civilians (

Victoriana (

Victorian Dance Etiquette (



Non-Civil War Websites

11th PA, Revolutionary War (



Links for Civil War Clipart 



Mining Co. Website Clip Art (

Graphics For You (




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