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updated 10/22/2010


All application forms pertinent to re-enacting with the 20th Maine can be found below. Please read the directions carefully at the bottom carefully. In order to be a regular voting member of the 20th Maine, you need to first become a member of our parental organization, the American Civil War Association (ACWA). Both the 20th Maine and ACWA require dues and both require separate applications that get mailed to different locations.  


If you are interested in just subscribing to the 20th Maine newsletter for informational purposes (associate non-voting member), you only need to fill out the 20th Maine application.  New recruits need to pay a $5 weekend pass and fill out the ACWA application, but do not have to purchase a 20th Maine membership right away.  Guest reenactors are allowed to re-enact with the ACWA for free. We ask that they present their membership card from another re-enacting organization.  


The forms are located below in PDF format.  In order to view and print these documents you will need to download a FREE version of Adobe Acrobat Reader from: www.adobe.com. If you click on the hyperlink below, it will take you directly to their download site.  


IMPORTANT: It is important that these documents be submitted "front and back". After you print, please copy them so that they are front and back. Alternatively, you can print the first page and re-feed this into your printer to copy the second page on the backside.






ACWA Application

go to ACWA website


20th Maine Application

20thmeapp.pdf (134kb)

2014 rev2

Minor Permission Form (20th ME only)

minorform (58kb)





Pacific Area Civil War Reenactor Safety Rules go to ACWA website  
General Safety Test go to ACWA website  
Infantry Safety Test go to ACWA website  
Artillery Safety Test go to ACWA website  



ACWA Application


One form needs to be filled out for EACH member. Dues are $35 for a single member, $40 for a couple and $45 for a family. Please make the check payable to "ACWA" and mail the check along with the ACWA application to the ACWA Treasurer (address is on the form).  Upon receipt, the treasurer will send you an ACWA membership card.  This card must be kept on the person at all times during the re-enactment.  Please note that if you sign up for the ACWA after September 1st, you will be a member for the remainder of the season as well as the entire next re-enacting season.  Please ensure that you mark the unit affiliation on the application and fill out the release of liability on the reverse side of the application (page 2).  Print clearly and sign in all locations where applicable.  Before mailing, make a copy for yourself as proof of submission.  Minors under the age of 18 need to have parent or guardian sign the form along with them.


For those that are RENEWING your membership, if you sign up for next year by December 31st, you will get $5 of your dues kicked back to your unit!  If you do not re-enlist by then, you will be dropped from the ACWA roster and mailing list.  Also, all returning members will be charged a $10 if they renew at an ACWA event.  They are trying to encourage people to be more efficient by mailing the form and dues in before the event.  This does not apply to new members.


As of January 1st, 2003 the ACWA will try to arrange liability insurance for ourselves rather than through national organizations such as the LHA or OWLHF.  This means members can not take advantage of the supplemental personal injury insurance unless they call and purchase it for themselves:

     Living History Association (LHA) - (802) 464-5569 http://www.livinghistoryassn.org

     Old West Living History Foundation (OWLHF) - (307) 587-1872



20th Maine Forms


All members of the 20th Maine must fill out a 20th Maine application.  All members that go on the battlefield are required to fill out a safety test. It is not required, but is recommended that all members fill out the Emergency Information Sheet (EIS). Members under the age of 18 that will attend a few events without parental supervision will need to fill out the Minor Permission form and have a specific guardian appointed to them.  We respectfully request that members under the age of 14 be accompanied by a parent to events.


20th Maine Company G Application


There are three major differences between the ACWA and 20th Maine applications. First, you only need to fill out one form for you and your entire family. Second, dues are half off in the 20th Maine after July 1st and they do not roll over into the following year.  Third, the checks are made payable to "20th Maine Company G".  Please submit this application along with your other 20th Maine forms to the address on the form.


In the interest of efficiency, we ask that you only sign up family members that will actually be participating with the unit. Yearly dues are $20 for a single Regular member, $30 for a Family membership, $10 for a cadet membership (under the age of 14), and $10 for an Associate Membership (non-voting, but includes a subscription to the Bayonet).  Associate members do not need to become members of the ACWA.


NOTE: 20th Maine dues are due each year by the January Fort Point event.


Minor Permission Form


All minors (under the age of 18) in the 20th Maine must fill this out and have it signed by your parents.  Please keep a copy on your person at events at all times and submit a copy along with your applications to Mike Musante.


Safety Tests


Every club member must fill out the "General safety test" after reading the Pacific Area Civil War Safety Rules (see above grid).  This includes soldiers, civilians, nurses, artillery, and cadets at least 12 years of age.  Infantry reenactors must also fill out the Infantry test in addition to the General test.  If you do not pass, a trained NCO will re-discuss all issues and re-train you.  New recruits should submit this form any non-commissioned officer at events or after they have been properly trained.  For re-enlisting re-enactors, you may send this in via mail along with your applications.



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