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This page contains information on how to join our unit, frequently asked questions, as well as bylaws / regulations for the ACWA and 20th Maine, Company G.


How to join our unit


The application process is explained in detail on the enlistment forms page, which contains PDF versions of all the enlistment forms you will need for our unit.  The Enlistment Information page is written by our head recruiter, Tom Starr and answers the most common questions asked by new recruits.


Click here to see our Enlistment Forms page

Click here to see Tom Starr's Enlistment Information page

Click here to see Jeri Mitchell's ACWA Message Board / Member Forum



Frequently Asked Questions

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Items for Donation


Our unit buys these items in bulk and gives them to our own membership for a donation at close to cost to ensure affordability.  Since we are part of the non-profit ACWA, we do not derive personal profit from the sale of these items.  Any profit from the unit items goes directly towards the unit which will be used to organize events and run the unit administratively.


Item Quantity Donation
Rifle Percussion Caps tin of 200 $12
FFFg black powder 1 pound can $10
Pre-rolled blank ammunition 10 rounds with 12 caps $3
Powder flasks with 75 grain spout 1 $20
Nipple Pick use 'em! issue item
Rifle cleaning kit 1 $20
20th Maine T-Shirts  $12 for adults and $10 for cadets tshirt1.JPG (16269 bytes) tshirt2.JPG (16527 bytes)