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Maine Camp an Hospital Association (MCHA)

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Our unit was founded by Robert Garbisch, Gary Smith, and Ray Bisio.  Our first event was in June of 1994 in Pollardville.  The above photo is from our first Roaring Camp event on November 20, 1994 in Felton, California.  Our numbers totaled 7 at that time (one reb galvanized). In just 5 years, our roster totalled 85 members and fielded an average of 20-25 troops per battle.  We now have a roster of over 150 active members and field 30-35 men each event.  Many of our members have gone on to form other units and hold leadership positions within our parental organization, the ACWA.  Captain Robert Garbisch and Ray Bisio, both founders of our unit, located 2nd and 3rd from the right, respectively. Gary Smith, one of the founders of our club is the first on the left.



20th Maine companies A, B, E, F, G and H at the Little Round Top scenario of the 135th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. Company G is just to the left of the color guard. Photo taken in 1998 by unknown photographer.