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Unit Records

Maine State Adjutant General's Report for the 20th Maine

20th Maine Company G Final Muster Roll (Clay Rehmus)

20th Maine Company G Muster Roll at Gettysburg (Clay Rehmus)

20th Maine Campaigns and Service Records

20th Maine Medals of Honor

20th Maine Campaign Map (Eastern Theatre)


Improving Your Impression

How to talk Yankee - The Basics (Paul Dudley, Company B)

How to Improve Battlefield Authenticity (Mike Musante and others)

How to Improve Your General Impression


Individual Research and Impressions

Ellis Spear by Tom Starr

James Carleton Rundlett by Mike Musante

Harlan Bailey by Brian Brown

Tom D. Chamberlain by Rosemary Pardoe

Sylvanus Cadwaller by Rick Lemyre

Kennedy (under construction)

Land (under construction)

Jordan (under construction)


"How To" Articles

How to build an ammo or bread box (Steve Black)

How to roll your own ammunition (Mike Musante)

How to sew on your NCO chevrons and rank trim (Mike Musante)

How to build an Officer's Field Desk (Ray Bisio and Mike Musante)

How to do your own civil war research

How to load a pistol for re-enactment (Jim Marsh, 6 part votive candle, 1 part Crisco)

How to prepare authentic civil war rations (Garbisch and Bilbo)

How to make Hardtack (Kathy Kleiman and Mike Bilbo)



Camp layout (Mike Musante)

Company formation in line of battle (Mike Musante)

Company formation while marching (Mike Musante)

Maine State Maps, facts and figures (Mike Musante)

Camp inspection (unknown author)

Uniform Requirements of the 20th Maine (drawing by Robert Garbisch)

Parts of your rifle (Mike Musante and Steve Black)


Research and Projects

Maine Camp and Hospital Association (MCHA)

Unit Regimental Colors

Casey's drill manual (photos, carry arms salute)

Cheveaux de Frise (John Erickson)

Tips for New Recruits

School of the NCO

Supply Wagon

Recommended Reading

Frog in the Well (the 20th Maine Song!)

School of the Dead Soldier (how to take a hit, death cards)

Interesting demonstrations for the public

Civil War definitions and sayings (rod)

Where to buy your authentic uniform and accoutrements

Diaries and quotes

How the army is organized (armies, corps, regiment)


Frequently Asked Questions

School of the Soldier video

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

Civil War Jokes