How to Roll your own Ammunition


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We expect all veteran members to bring their own pre-rolled ammo to events.  New recruits can purchase ammunition at events from Ordnance Sergeant Hegdahl for $2.50 per pack of 10 rounds / 12 caps.

Before you start, you will need:

a half inch diameter dowell (oak is fine) that is 6 inches long and beveled on one side.

Make a rolling block.  Lay down newspaper in case you spill.

Buy newsprint at local office supply store.  You can get 200 sheets for about $5 at Office Depot, Office Max, etc.

a powder flask with a 75 grain adaptor ($20 total from sutlers).

Places to buy flasks: our unit


For pistols: buy 20 gauge shotgun fibre wads (comes in bags of 100) from Dixie Gun Works on Reelfoot Avenue, Union City Tenn 38261.  Orders are (800) 238-6785 or (901) 885-0700.  Alternatively, you can buy these from Larry Smith Gunpowder enterprises 4314 Dale Williamson Road, Union KY 41091 or or (859) 689-5100.

These fibre wads are organic plant fiber and disintegrate and blow clean.  There is no projectile.  They replace the bullet in reenactments and help provide a good seal to prevent chain fires in your pistol cylinders.