Knight's Ferry 2001 photos

pictures by Ramona Howard

edited by Mike Musante


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see note below*


* The thumbnail in the upper right hand corner of this page is a collector's item!  It is a rare photo showing the one time that Ray Bober has actually stood up to fight rather than surrender!  As corroborated by some of his own brave soldiers!  It is rumored that Ray does not like to take hits because it will ruin his pretty uniform.


All photos on this page were taken by Ramona Howard of SpectSoft Productions (209) 847-7812 in Oakdale, California (  You can email her at  They produce everything from commercials to independent films.  These still photos were pulled from continuous digital video taken of the event Knight's Ferry event March 24-25th.  Ramona hopes to attend a couple more of our events.  We greatly appreciate her efforts in filming our event and taking the time to transfer them into stills.  She has allowed us to use these photos on our websites.


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