Kristin Doner
   Ceramic Artist

 Journey as Inspiration

For me the give and take of creating doesn’t end after the vessel has been fired. How I relate to a particular vessel continues to be influenced by what I find there; the colors, textures, proportions, and how the user interacts with the vessel. When allowed to run free, inspiration may challenge my own preconceived ideas of why I make things the way I do.

For instance, people often wonder what prompted me to bind the lid to the body of my vessels. Originally, my vessels were much rounder, and had an arching horse-hair handle over the piece. As the vessels took on the new amphora shape, the arching handle became a visual conflict with the strong form. Lowering the handle until it touched the lid resolved the visual problem, but presented a conceptual problem. Upon close examination, I realized that I never intended my vessels to be used. Therefore, expressly denying use was directly in line with my pure intention.


Clay as

Fire as

Ancient History
as Inspiration

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