Kristin Doner
   Ceramic Artist

 Ancient History as Inspiration

Ancient history and the mystery surrounding it captivate me, including the rituals that previous civilizations may have used, the culture they may have lived in, and the spiritual roles that vessels played. Working with clay, I seek to express a timeless connection to things past and future, through the use of vessels.

This inspiration is the source of my signature. While studying archaeology as a hobby, I learned that cuneiforms were used by merchants as a means of bookkeeping. A symbol, devised by impressing the end of a stick into clay to create a unique pattern, was assigned to each account. When the customer returned and added more goods to their account, the appropriate number of hash marks were notched into the clay next to that customer’s symbol. I adopted this idea for my signature, developing an abstract representation of one of my vessels.


Clay as

Fire as

as Inspiration


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