Being involved with woman is death itself

Coitus is contaminating. It can cause stomach to distend and a man's skin to lose its taut, masculine quality. -Sambia

photo - Frederic Larson/S.F.Chronicle

A man's loss of vital essence caused the loss of his fortune. His weakened intellect made him lose his capacity for conserving capital by which to make money.

Sexual pollution is thought to be a source of failure in secular affairs such as cultivation. The man is advised to keep away from his wife a few days before working in the field. -Sambia

Theda Bara
Men of the early 20th century soon realized that a seemingly compliant household nun could be deadly, a memory of Theda Bara's kohl-eyed appetites. -B.D.

Succumbing to a woman's charms is fatal as young men do not know how to uncontaminate themselves properly. -Herdt

Sambi girl adolescent



Menstruation turned the girl child into a woman of sexual awakening, the vampire's attack on innocence -Swinburne



Menstruation turned the girl child into a woman of bloody pollution and "singing out for a man"

16 th century Swiss street-walker -Urs Graf

It is a violation of a universal principle of manhood that a woman rape a man.

"If a woman meets you on the path and flirts with you, you must copulate with her" -Tali

90's woman crashing auto
Vintage magazine (detail)1927
Man's image is depicted in the presence of enemies bent on masculine destruction.
-George F. Mosse 1996 Image of Man

Taboo: Feminization of the man. Masculization of the woman
Adolf Hitler (1925-27) Mein Kampf New York 1930

J Howard Miller-War Poster 1943



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