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1999 Trip to Japan - Kawada Taiko Tokyo & Oshima Island

Phil, Bryan, Naka-san, and Nishioka-san (of the group "Kaze Shu") at "Kiyo" - Kawada Taiko's store in Tokyo

Learning "Oshima style" taiko, while visiting Oshima Island

Kikuchi-sensei (right) of "Gojinka Taiko" demonstrates "Oshima style" taiko

1997 Trip to Japan - Fukushima & Kawada Taiko's Factory

Making taiko at Kawada's Factory Kawada's Taiko School "Yagoshima-kaikan"

Phil of Tatsumaki Taiko had the opportunity to visit Kawada Taiko's Factory in Fukushima, and retail store in Tokyo, Japan. We now have 2 Kawada shime daikos. Kawada crafts excellent quality yet affordable drums. While at Kawada's factory, Phil had the chance to play at their taiko school, sampling many of their products. Phil is helping to market Kawada Taiko's products, including some "do-it-yourself kits" that will help you build your wine barrel taikos with professional results.

with Naka-san of Kawada Taiko, Kawada's Studio, Fukushima, Japan

Taikos available for use at Kawada's School & Rehearsal Studio

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