Sunday, August 06, 2006

More progress on the Hacker's Diet

I'm below 190 now, having lost about 19 pounds since the start. Weekends are harder than weekdays, but if I'm busy enough (in the shop), I forget to eat, so it's not so bad ;-). Vacations are hard, particularly family obligations to the mid-West, where meals are the big highlights of each day ;-( But I've got a routine going during the work week; I know what and how much I can eat, and I'm making good progress.

I've gone from "Obese" into mere "Overweight" - I've being mulling where to stop. I definitely want to get below 180. I was thinking 170 is where I wanted to get to, but a friend of mine from work was recently very ill, and lost a ton of weight. The typical BMI calculation doesn't take age into account, and pushing 50, I'm more vulnerable to a major illness than I was at 18, so having a little cushion seems to make some sense. Still, 180 puts me right at the top of "normal" weight, and 170 is not particularly light for my height.

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