Saturday, February 05, 2005

Riding Bikes at Night

Dymotec Generator Lights

I've had several really enjoyable night bicycle rides lately. The weather has been clear and cold for Northern California, lots of stars in spite of city lights.

To ride safely at night, you need a light. In 30 odd years of riding mostly for transportation, I've run through a lot of lights. The systems available via this link are my absolute favorite. A "bottle" generator like this is always available, and makes a very clean installation, as long a you make sure and get the very clever Dynashoe bracket that as near as I know, only Peter sells in the US.

The complete system - dynamo, light (and I would recommend the "standlight" with the capacitor to keep the light glowing when stopped), and the bracket runs over $100, but in my experience is well worth it, and I prefer it over any rechargable system I've used. It is NOT bright enough for serious off-road use, but for the type of riding I do, it's the Bomb. I do NOT use a tail light - it keeps the installation cleaner, and with adequate reflectors, I don't feel I miss it.

Girlfriend rides a lot for transportation, more than I do actually, and she relies on Cateyes, usually two of them, currently an EL-400, and an old Micro, plus a flashing tail light.



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