Kyra Rice

integrity through movement  
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Leading ongoing Axis Syllabus workgroups

Mondays 9:45 - 11:45 AM

Finish Brotherhood Hall
1970 Chestnut St, Berkeley, CA

$5 - $10 donation

All levels welcome.

"I had a great time and my body feels happy! I appreciate the clarity of your teaching: Your body and words speak the same thing, and that makes even complex concepts simple to follow and understand. Could not have asked for a more welcoming introduction" to the Axis Syllabus.

                                                            ~Ronja Ver






Private and semi-private classes in Dinamic Partnering, Energetics and Improvisation with Kyra Rice

All levels

By dropping into deeply sentient states in the physical body we engender a connection that reaches through the physical to relational and energetic where one can perceive the interconnectedness of our choices--in thought and movement with others. I work from the premise that if we consider sensorial as thought it can lead to responsibility through visceral awareness.