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"DIY" Taiko Tacks & Handles

Currently tacks (called "byou") and handles (called "kan") are available for "do-it-yourself" taiko makers. To determine the size and amount of tacks you will need for your taiko, use the 2 tables below. Remember to add 10 to 20 tacks to the amounts listed for bent tacks or miscalculations.

Table 1 - Thickness of Shell & Recommended Tack Size

5/8" Thick Shell - use mini (#5.0) or small (#5.5) tack only.

3/4" Thick Shell - small (#5.5) or medium (#6.0) tack. Medium tacks are recommended for shells 20" in diameter, or larger.

1" Thick shell - small (#5.5) for diameters smaller than 20". Medium (#6.0) tack for shell diameters over 20".

1-1/4" Thick shell, or thicker - medium (#6.0) for diameters smaller than 26". Large (#7.0) tacks for shells over 28" in diameter.

Table 2 - Drum Diameter & Number of Tacks (assumes 2 rows of tacks on both top & bottom skins)


12 inch

14 inch

16 inch

18 inch

20 inch

22 inch

24 inch

26 inch

28 inch

30 inch*

Small tacks - #5.5





Medium tacks - #6.0








Large tacks - #7.0





(*For larger taiko, add 24 tacks for every 2 inches of diameter. Example: 32 inch drum = 376 Large tacks)

Taiko Tack (byou) Prices - Imported from Japan. Square shank steel tacks with round caps, painted black.

Tack (byou) Size:

Metric Size

Price Per Box

Price Per Tack


Mini tacks - #5.0

16mm long, 16mm tack head

$250.00 / box

.30 cents each

1,000 tacks per box

Small tacks - #5.5

17mm long, 17mm tack head

$260.00 / box

.34 cents each

900 tacks per box

Medium tacks - #6.0

20mm long, 20mm tack head

$190.00 / box

.40 cents each

600 tacks per box

Large tacks - #7.0

25mm long, 22mm tack head

$190.00 / box

.60 cents each

400 tacks per box

Taiko Handle (kan) Prices - Imported from Japan. Black steel ring handles with decorative black & brass plates. Traditional pin-mount design.

Handle (kan) Size:

Metric Size

Price Per Pair


Small handles - 3.0 sun

9.0cm plate, 6.0cm ring

$95.00 / pair

for 12 to 18 inch diameter taiko

Medium handles - 4.0 sun

12.0cm plate, 7.5cm ring

$130.00 / pair

for 18 to 32 inch diameter taiko

Large handles

special order

Please ask for price & availability

for Odaiko (diameter over 36 inches)*

(*For larger taiko over 28 inches in diameter, 2 pairs of medium handles works well, and is generally recommended.)

Taiko Bachi

Taiko Bachi (drum sticks)

We normally carry all the items listed on this page "in stock" at our store in the USA. The taiko bachi listed are made by Perfect Harmony. While we have determined these to be the most popular styles and sizes, from time to time we may add additional items. Please check back in the future for more bachi specials!

"Tatsu Bachi" (made in the USA)

Bachi Type / Price:



Type of Wood


Percussion / Kane
Price = $14.00




A hardwood percussion bachi in the style of a standard Latin percussion stick. Made of hickory and designed for use on bells, cymbals, wood blocks and other "narimono" used in taiko.

Shime Daiko (Short)
Price = $14.00


14 1/4"


Smaller size, good for "namizuke" and #2 shime daiko. Average weight 4 oz per pair. We are using maple for our shimedaiko bachi. While maple is a slightly harder wood it keeps a much better rounded edge, even after hours of use.

Shime Daiko (Long)
Price = $16.00




Longer length and thicker diameter. Good for #3 and #4 shime daiko. Average weight 6 oz per pair. We are using maple for our shimedaiko bachi. While maple is a slightly harder wood it keeps a much better rounded edge, even after hours of use.

Kumi/Matsuri Bachi
Price = $18.00




This bachi is a good choice for "matsuri" or "sukeroku" style on taiko 19 inches in diameter or smaller. It can also be used to play larger shimedaiko (#4 and #5), as well as for playing taiko & shime together (like a drum kit). Average weight 8.5 oz per pair. Use maple if you like a slightly harder wood.

Nagadou (Hickory)
Price = $20.00




Our "nagadou" bachi is the best size for all around playing. Made of hickory, a hardwood. This bachi is tough and will take a beating. Average weight 12 oz per pair.

Nagadou (Maple)
Price = $20.00




Made of maple, which is softer and lighter than hickory. Good for players who want to hit hard, with less stress on the taiko body. Average weight 10.5 oz per pair.

Hachijo Bachi
Price = $26.00

1 1/4"

19 1/2"


Our "Hachijo" bachi is designed for songs where a longer bachi is required, and where the rim ("fuchi") is played. For example "Hachijo Daiko" style playing. Made of hickory, a hardwood. This bachi is tough and will take a beating.

A note about Odaiko bachi - many people ask about oak or keyaki Odaiko bachi, these sticks will be very heavy! Before buying these bachi ask yourself - "how long am I going to play?" If you play an Odaiko piece that is more than 5 minutes long, we recommend that you do not play with heavy bachi - it will cause too much strain on your wrists.

Also, we do not recommend keyaki or oak sticks for songs where you hit the body or the rim (called the "fuchi" - or the "kara" sound) of the taiko, since you can dent or crack the taiko.

Atarigane & Chappa


Atarigane (or Chanchiki) - the small bell that is used to keep time in taiko (pictured above, left). The special bamboo stick, called a "shumoku" for playing can be purchased separately.

Small (4 sun) = $75.00 - includes cord ("fusa"), does not include stick ("shumoku")

Large (4.5 sun) = $90.00 - includes cord ("fusa"), does not include stick ("shumoku")

Stick ("shumoku") only = $25.00 each (imported from Japan)

Stick ("shumoku") only = $18.00 each (made in the USA)

Chappa - small hand cymbals that are used to keep time and add accent to taiko (pictured above, right). Sold in pairs.

Small (4 sun) = $130.00 per pair

Large (5 sun) = $150.00 per pair

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