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Check out our postings on Facebook. Some interesting examples of taiko making, repair, comments on tools, and pictures of some "work in progress."

If you have any questions about products, ordering, taiko making, or need help and advice feel free to contact us. We can be reached by email or via Facebook.

"Tatsu Bachi"

We are pleased to announce our own line of bachi are now on sale. We'll be adding more soon, including Odaiko bachi.

We have more new styles of "Tatsu Bachi" in stock now:

Nagadou, Hickory
(1" diameter, 16" long) - $20.00 per pair

Nagadou, Maple
(1" diameter, 16" long) - $20.00 per pair

Kumi/Matsuri, Maple
(7/8" diameter, 16" long) - $18.00 per pair

Shimedaiko - Short, Maple
(3/4" diameter, 14 1/4" long) - $14.00 per pair

Shimedaiko - Long, Maple
(3/4" diameter, 16" long) - $16.00 per pair

*NEW* Percussion / Kane, Hickory
(5/8" diameter, 16" long) - $14.00 per pair

*NEW* "Hachijo" Bachi, Hickory
(1 1/4" diameter, 19 1/2" long) - $26.00 per pair


If you are looking for something please email ( us about the availability. Please check back on this page for updates, thanks!

Tatsumaki Taiko T-shirts

We just opened an account with the online store "" and have our new t-shirts for sale there. Buying a shirt helps support "Tatsumaki Taiko" - so take a look!

See our gallery on

1/2/2023 Tatsumaki Taiko