Monday, August 28, 2006


I'm a pretty sound sleeper, and consequently, don't often remember my dreams. Getting knocked out of REM sleep into full wakefullness is the best way to remember your dreams, and, blessed with the Sleep Of The Dead, that rarely happens - particularly since I sleep alone almost always, even when Girlfriend joins me for Adult Play Time - she sleeps very fitfully, and hates to disturb me.


Last night, perhaps due to to much stimulation (7 hours of driving) and too much caffeine (a cup of coffee and two diet Cokes - I'm not a coffee or cola person by habit), I had, and remembered several vivid dreams.

Searching for Mongo

I'm scrounging around for some small pieces of aluminum for use in my airplane project, and find pieces just the right size. But they are the wrong alloy, and will be weak once welded to a larger assembly. No Matter, my Dream self reasons, they are just shims anyway, and don't carry any real load.

Life is Short

A group of my fraternity brothers (people, white as chalk, I haven't socialized with much in the 20 years since I got sober), my brother in law (who looks like a shorter version of the Black comic Sinbad) and I are all professional golfers in a big tournament. J., who was well liked, but not exactly "General of the Boys" in real life, wins. P. who WAS a "General Of The Boys" is narrating what a wonderful thing it is that J. has won, when word comes to us that J., who was running home to tell his wife, at one of the two houses he owned nearby, has died of a heart attack at his own doorstep.


I don't see any action as necessary from the first dream, but you can be sure I e-mailed the central PoC for the Usual Suspects (my frat brothers) to get J.'s contact information, so I can see him, his wife, and family, RIGHT DAMN NOW.



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