Sunday, August 06, 2006

Finally Making some parts

Finally working on the Mongrel Dog (my hybrid airplane, a mix of Hummel Ultracruiser Plus empennage and somewhat modified fuselage, and wings that are updated, lengthened Teenie Two planform) a little bit. I fabricated and riveted the little angle brackets that stiffen up the flanges in the bulkheads, and started working on the firewall, in preparation for hanging the bulkheads on the building beam, which was built nearly 2 years ago back in the old shop in Oakland.

I didn't like that the plans used aluminum for the firewall, so I substituted galvanized mild steel, and made the forms myself. I bought bulkheads B, D, E and F from Hummel Aviation, they were very cool about just selling me the ones I wanted, and didn't insist on selling me the whole set. Since my wing has a shorter chord than used on a "true" Ultracruiser Plus, I need to shorten up the fuselage in the cockpit area, since bulkhead C has to fasten to the rear spar of the wing. I later (after I built the building beam) figured out another way to manage the fuselage, but with the shorter chord wing, with a lower Clmax (it's also a thinner section), I probably don't need as much tail moment anyway.

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