Monday, October 30, 2006

No Time Like the Present

There is nothing like a fire in your oven to induce you to clean it.

I should not be allowed to toast walnuts under the broiler, particularly when I'm trying to pull a meal together. I get preoccupied. Even though girlfriend could smell something burning from outside, the first thing I notice was when the carbon-y soot, produced by a fire that had sucked all to oxygen out of the oven, caught fire once it hit the flame and oxygen on the stovetop with all four burners flying.

I elected to open the broiler (gas oven) and drag the flaming mess outside, but I wonder if this was the best fire plan. Maybe I should have let it burn out in the oven, the flames from the walnuts were rather spectacular. Leaving it in the oven would have gotten the house even smokier than it was, it was interesting seeing a thick black cloud about a foot and a half thick cling to the ceiling.



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