Sunday, January 28, 2007

My first roast coffee

Air Popcorn Popper Method
I first learned of this method from that dearly departed font of useful knowledge, the Whole Earth Review. Lately, I've been focusing attention on sensuality, mostly of food, but also other sensate experiences. I've never been a big coffee drinker, and I HATE bad coffee, but lately I've been intrigued with it's possibilities as a beverage.

To make a long story short, I've geared up for roasting and brewing REALLY good coffee.

My first roast, I think I over-roasted it - achieving more like Full City+ than the desired City+. But the Guatemalan Quiche La Perla that I got from Sweet Marias apparently is tolerant of a dark roast:

"It's a gentle coffee. I guess that's why I like the heavier roast on this a bit more; a hearty, thicker and sharper flavor profile emerges. There is a really nice nut/dark cocoa aspect coming on at FC-to-FC+ roast."

We'll see tomorrow when I grind and French Press a cup of it.

Roasting notes: Hamilton Beach Popcorn Pumper, about 5 tablespoons of green beans, First Crack (I think) was at about 6 minutes, started hearing what I thought was Second Crack at 9 minutes so I stopped.

Compare to the advice from Sweet Marias:
"Total time for a lighter roast should be around 4 minutes, full city roast around 5, and darker roasts closer to 6.5 minutes."

I wonder if the "fluidized bed" of the air popper actually runs cooler the less material you have in it, as the airflow is higher. More experimentation is in order.

The whole house smells like roast coffee :)



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