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Updated February 6, 2012

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"Scrubbed Clean" (PG)

2012 January — 1,996 words

Janette, Nick, Lacroix, Others

In 1275 Troyes, Janette's laundress learns the hidden nature of her household.

Responses: 6


"A Hunt by Any Other Name" (PG)

2012 January — 1,773 words

Janette, Natalie, Others

Janette and Natalie are among the passengers stuck in a glass-sided mall elevator under a skylight, with dawn on the way.

Responses: 8


"Thirty-One, Level 1" (G)

2012 January — 1,336 words

Natalie, Sharon Luce

On her thirty-first birthday, Natalie dyes her hair for the first time.

Responses: 5



"Party Favors 2011" (Assorted)

2011 July — 8x100 words

Nick, Natalie, Lacroix, Janette, Reese, Jenny Schanke, Others

These eight miniature stories were my half of the "door prizes" for on-time players in the July 2011 FKFicFest game.

Responses: 7

Schanke, Janette, graffitti, gum

"Malicious Mischief" (PG)

2011 July — 9,305 words

Schanke, Janette, Nick, Natalie, Miklos, Alma, Grace

While Nick is out of town, Schanke and Janette must cooperate to solve a crime at the Raven.

Responses: 10

Nick, hammam, knife

"Cuts Deep" (PG-13)

2011 February — 11,023 words

Nick, Schanke, Natalie, Lacroix, Janette, Stonetree, Norma, Others

Nick and Schanke solve a murder that reminds Nick of a miscarriage of justice in 1885 London.

Responses: 6

Grace reading

"The Book Club Auxiliary" (G)

2011 January — 1,046 words

Grace, Natalie, Other

Grace visits Natalie in the hospital.

Responses: 10

Natalie, Nick, Loft Door

"Metamorphosis" (PG)

2011 January — 991 words


It's time for Natalie to move on... without Nick.

Responses: 7

Nick, Natalie, Medical Journals

"Method in Her Madness" (G)

2011 January — 884 words

Natalie, Nick

Natalie has a new theory of Nick's condition, but she needs his help.

Responses: 9

garlic clove and French countryside

"Before" (G)

2011 January — 193 words


Janette's childhood included happy days.

Responses: 5


Nick and Natalie in front of a sink

"Heart's Ease" (G)

2010 November — 1,173 words

Nick/Natalie, Tracy, Lacroix

Back at work after achieving a cure, Nick swiftly finds himself at the hospital.

Responses: 10

All Characters

"Party Favors 2010" (Assorted)

2010 May — 7x100 words

Nick, Natalie, Janette, Lacroix, Vachon, Screed, Sydney, Tracy, Urs, Erica, Fleur

These seven miniature stories were my half of the "door prizes" for on-time players in the May 2010 FKFicFest game.

Responses: 11

Victorian Nick and Janette

"True to Life" (PG-13)

2010 May — 14,644 words

Nick, Janette, Historical Figures

Janette visits Nick in 1857 London, where he is part of the Pre-Raphaelite circle.  With her comes everything he's trying to escape.

Responses:  12


Lacroix, Nick, Airplane

"In a Family Way" (PG-13)

2009 December — 7,725 words

Nick, Lacroix, Janette, Others

Nick makes friends on a flight to Paris to see Janette, but Lacroix is on the same plane.

Responses: 12

Schanke and Tracy

"When Donut Met Button" (G)

2009 May — 1,978 words

Tracy, Schanke

Tracy receives advice from Schanke on partnering with Nick.

Responses: 7

Fleur with insets of chess, Erica and the Abbarratt

"Three Fireweed Seeds" (PG-13)

2009 February — 3,321 words

Fleur/Lacroix, Fleur/Erica, Nick/Erica

These three very short stories ("Reconnection," "Responses," "Recoil") revisit the "Fireweed" AU in which Janette brought Fleur across.

Responses: 8


Natalie and Tracy

"Milepost" (PG-13)

2008 November — 2,484 words

Tracy, Natalie, Nick

Tracy receives advice from Natalie on facing difficult crime scenes.

Responses: 8

Nick at the University of Chicago in the 1950s

"Fearful Symmetry" (PG)

2008 September — 9,991 words

Nick, Natalie, Lacroix, Janette, Others

As the asteroid panic gets a second wind, Nick revisits his experiences during the 1950s Red Scare.

Responses: 9

Natalie and an empty swing

"A Delicate Balance" (PG)

2008 July — 9,987 words

Natalie, Nick, Schanke, Richard/Sara, Nana, Janette, Grace, Stonetree, Tracy, Others

Natalie takes a break from an investigation to attend a memorial for her brother, while considering a new approach to Nick's condition.  (Flashbacks to Natalie's childhood.)

Responses: 13
+ Winner, Forsaken Fandoms

Natalie and Tracy

"Clearing the Air" (G)

2008 May — 100 words

Tracy, Natalie

Tracy asks Natalie why things are so strained between them.

Responses: 5

Fleur, Lacroix and a hawk in flight

"Starwort" (PG-13)

2008 April — 14,135 words

Fleur/Lacroix, Fleur/OMC, Others

Fleur is pregnant with Andre when a stranger named Lacroix arrives uninvited at a hunting party.

Responses: 11
+ Winner, Forsaken Fandoms 

Schanke and Natalie in the precinct

"Pro Terra Sancta" (G)

2008 March — 1,283 words

Nick, Natalie, Schanke

On Good Friday, Schanke inadvertently reminds Nick of the Crusades, and Natalie notices.

Responses: 4

1920s Janette with sticker-encrusted trunk

"Steamer Trunk Space" (PG)

2008 February — 1,489 words

Janette, Lacroix

Janette packs for the trip to North America in pursuit of Nick.

Responses: 4
+ Winner, Forsaken Fandoms 


Natalie and Lacroix's pocket watch

"Last Minutes" (PG)

2007 October — 3,101 words

Natalie/Nick, Nick/OFC, Lacroix, Urs, Serena, Lily Toeffler, Catherine Barrington, Others

At a wedding reception, Natalie ensures Nick's secret is kept.

Responses: 5
+ CrackVan Recommended
+ Winner, Forsaken Fandoms

Nick with the TARDIS on his TV

"Professor When" (G)

2007 August — 3,742 words

Nick, Lacroix, Schanke, Janette, Merlin, Natalie, Others

Some parody fun with Doctor Who.  It seems everyone has seen the new season of Nick's favorite show -- except him.

Responses: 5

Nick, Natalie and their daughter

"Better Late" (PG)

2007 July — 6,169 words

Natalie/Nick, Natalie/OMC, Lacroix, Others

In 2012, Natalie suspects more behind a change in their daughter's custody arrangements than her ex-husband Nick has said.

Responses: 9


Schanke and Janette at the theater

"Nice to Remember" (PG)

2006 November — 4,906 words

Don/Myra, Janette, Others

Myra and Don Schanke's anniversary celebration proves more exciting than planned.

Responses: 11

Schanke and Nick on a case

"A Little Salsa Picante" (PG)

2006 September — 3,327 words

Schanke, Nick, Natalie, others

Schanke's stomach rumbles through an early case with Nick.

Responses: 17
+ CrackVan Recommended
+ Winner, Forsaken Fandoms

a hand holding a package

"Send My Love" (PG)

2006 August — 2,505 words

Natalie, Janette

Mailing Christmas gifts in 2006, Natalie bumps into a very old acquaintance.

Responses: 14

Janette in the Raven

"By Expectation Beguiled" (G)

2006 July — 1,939 words

Janette/Nick, Alma, Brianna, Miklos

A shift at the Raven hinges on personal intangibles that have nothing to do with work.

Responses: 8

Lacroix before overlay of Toronto, Nick and Emily

"How He Loves" (PG-13)

2006 May — 1,899 words

Lacroix, Nick, Others

Thwarted in "Stranger Than Fiction," Lacroix moves through Toronto, unable to stop thinking about Nick's feelings for Emily.

Responses: 11


"An Appointment Unkept" (PG)

2005 December — 2,982 words

Janette, OMC

Crossover with Highlander. Nick and Darius have an appointment for New Year's Eve 1999, but neither of them make it.

Responses: 9


Natalie in the night, 1220s Nick in the day

"In the Light of Day" (PG-13)

2003 October — 53,030 words

Nick/Natalie, Nick/Janette, Urs/Vachon, Norma, Stonetree, Tracy, Reese, Feliks Twist, Lacroix, Myra, Others

Nick regains his humanity, but he's not the only one, and no one is prepared for all the consequences. (Flashbacks 1226-1228.)

Responses: 23

Nick's cactus by his window

"What It's Like" (PG-13)

2003 April — 2,408 words

Natalie, Nick

Natalie attempts to understand Nick's struggle, as he grapples with his third shift as a homicide detective.

Responses: 13


car keys

"Another Officer Vetter" (PG)

2002 September — 3,606 words

Barbara, Tracy, Richard Vetter, Others

Barbara Vetter learns of two important choices her daughter has made.

Responses: 12

Natalie hugging Nick

"A Matter of Time" (PG)

2002 June — 3,475 words


A much-changed Natalie confronts Nick with a request only he can fulfill.

Responses: 22

a puzzle magazine

"Puzzles" (G)

2002 May — 1,598 words


Natalie's past never really lets her go.

Responses: 16


Janette and Sofia

"Not the Mothering Type" (PG-13)

2001 August — 4,543 words

Janette/Sofia, Nick, Lacroix, Others

In "I Will Repay," Janette tells Nick she never converted anyone to vampirism.  But what about the Baroness in "If Looks Could Kill"?

Responses: 10
+ Nominee, '01 FK Fanfic Award

a doorknob on a closed door

"Grievances" (G)

2001 July — 2,993 words

Vachon, Fleur, Janette, Lacroix, Schanke, Cohen, Stonetree, Nick, Natalie, others

In parody, the characters organize to protest the working conditions in fanfiction.

Responses: 10

a backpack

"Kindred Spirits" (PG-13)

2001 January — 13,511 words

Nick, Urs, Ellen-Monika-Jacqueline, Erica, Sofia, Natalie, Lacroix, Enforcers

Jacqueline turns to Urs and Nick for help.

Responses: 17
+ Nominee, '01 FK Fanfic Award


a telephone

"Time Out for the Living" (PG)

2000 February — 6,709 words

Natalie, Richard, Grace, Sydney, Sara, Amy

Unsettling phone calls, uncanny dreams and an unexpected day off work coerce Natalie into examining her life outside the lab.

Responses: 12
+ Nominee, '00 FK Fanfic Award


Nick drinking from a goblet in front of a sun painting

"That Ain't Love" (PG-13)

1999 May — 9,110 words

Nick, Lacroix, Natalie, Janette, Schanke, Brianna

Nick struggles to hold on to his new life and hopes when Lacroix confronts him with old demands and desires.

Responses: 12


Fleur and Lacroix

"Fireweed" (PG-13)

1998 December — 64,608 words

Nick/Natalie, Nick/Janette, Lacroix/Fleur, Grace, Tracy, Others

Natalie strives to derive a cure for vampirism from Divia's lethal venom, while Fleur's return to her family raises memories of 1229. (More: "Three Fireweed Seeds")

Responses: 30
+ Nominee, '98 FK Fanfic Award

a dumpster

"Whence the Truce" (G)

1998 Summer — 6,466 words

Lacroix/Fleur, Janette

Staying with Janette in early second-season, Lacroix pieces together what happened after Nick staked him.  This piece appeared in the charity fanzine Tojours Lacroix (1999, 208 pages, 8.5x11"), edited and produced by Lisa P.

Responses: 2


a spilled cup

"England's Rose" (G)

1997 September — 5,572 words

Natalie, Sara, Grace, Schanke, Nick, Janette, Lacroix, Urs, Vachon, Screed, Tracy, Cohen

Bending series time, Princess Diana's death distresses Natalie and reminds Nick of Queen Caroline, wife of England's George IV.

Responses: 11

"Someday My Knight Will Come" and "The Golden Age of Fandom" (PG)


Natalie/Nick, Schanke, Others

These satires are chapters of the humor fanzine My Parental Units Invaded the Earth, and All I Got was this Lousy T-Shirt (1998, 103 pages, 8.5x11"), a round-robin crossover starring the characters of more than six shows, edited and produced by Celeste.

Responses: 0

Tracy, overlain on Toronto

"Corners of the Mind" (PG-13)

1997 June — 32,212 words

Tracy/OMC, Tracy/Vachon, Reese, Lacroix, Janette, Screed, Bourbon, Jenny Schanke, Others

Tracy's resurging memories suddenly plunge her into the unsolved mysteries of Natalie's murder and Nick and Vachon's disappearances.

Responses: 18

Nick and Lacroix

"As We Forgive" (PG)

1997 Easter — 1,808 words

Nick, Lacroix

Nick answers Lacroix's "Last Knight" speech.  He made the wrong choices for all the right reasons.

Responses: 27
+ Winner:, '97 FK Fanfic Award

Janette and Nick sitting on a couch

"And So It Goes" (PG-13)

1997 February — 6,315 words


In Paris after "Last Knight," Janette sees Nick for the first time since he brought her back across in "The Human Factor."

Responses: 12

a ladder before a curtained window

"Renovations" (PG-13)

1997 February —4,213 words

Alma, Lacroix, Urs

Alma redecorated the Raven for Janette in "Love You to Death."  After Janette left, Lacroix required someone to perform the same service.

Responses: 11

"Twice in One Lifetime" (PG)

1997 January

Lacroix, Nick, Janette, Vachon, Alyce, Others

Lacroix's two-thousandth birthday celebration draws many guests with many conflicting agendas. Co-written with Bonnie, Cynthia and Jane, this short story appeared in the charity fanzine For the Good of the Knight (1997, 73 pages, 8.5x11"), edited and produced by Sharon H.

Responses: 0


hands writing with a quill

"Billets Doux" (G)

1996 Winter — 1,291 words

Lacroix/Fleur, Nick

Lacroix muses on his loss of Fleur and how, perhaps, it led inevitably to his loss of Nick. This piece appeared in the charity fanzine Tojours Lacroix (1999, 208 pages, 8.5x11"), edited and produced by Lisa P.

Responses: 1

Nick and Natalie kissing

"Happiness Is" (G)

1996 June — 1,776 words

Nick/Natalie and everyone else!

In a fluffy "Nobody Dies; Nobody Ever Dies" atmosphere, Natalie and Nick chat about friends and family, happily ever after.

Responses: 14

one guitar and three roses

"Guitars and Roses" (G)

1996 May — 1,181 words

Lacroix/Fleur, Tracy/Vachon

Lacroix approaches Tracy at the Raven after Vachon's death and Nick's "Ashes to Ashes" request.

Responses: 11

the railing of a suburban deck

"Quid Pro Quo, Doctor Lambert" (PG)

1996 April — 2,894 words

Nick/Natalie, Lacroix, Janette, Others

Forty years after it was incurred, a debt comes due before the eyes of Nick and Natalie's grieving daughter.

Responses: 24



Naturally, these fanstories are entirely fictional (there's no such thing as a vampire).  Forever Knight was created by Parriot & Cohen and belongs to Sony.  Feedback is welcome; please drop me a line and let me know what you think.  Thank you very much for reading!