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The Small Print

This non-commercial, unauthorized, fan website promotes enjoyment of the television series Forever Knight (1992-96).


The television program Forever Knight, its characters, and the distinctive likenesses thereof are the property of the Sony/TriStar Corporation.   No infringement is intended, and the benign neglect of Sony (so to speak) is greatly appreciated.   Please support Sony in all its Forever Knight endeavors!  Please purchase any and all Forever Knight merchandise that Sony is willing to sell.


Obviously, all characters and situations referenced are entirely fictional, and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental (vampires do not exist).


I first published this website in April 1999.   Some of the content appeared on fkfic-l, forkni-l, fkspoilr and other venues between the spring of 1996 and the present; other items are unique to this site.   Unless otherwise noted, all text and layout are my original work.   Some graphics represent customizations of commonly available clip-art; some  are original; others originate with likenesses owned by Sony.

Please do not archive, post or otherwise distribute any of the contents of this site without my explicit permission; links to this site are very welcome, but please do not take my work away and place it elsewhere.   (At this time, only limited LiveJournal and Dreamwidth communities, and the AO3, to which I can post and remove my fanfiction myself, have permission to display it.  Where it does appear elsewhere off my own site, either I've requested that it come down, or I am unaware of the posting.)


Please report any broken links, typographical errors or other mistakes; I want to correct them!

The Recommendations Project

The recommendations and ratings reflect solely my own opinions and standards.  Stories are listed by the generous personal permission of their authors.  Stories whose authors cannot be reached or who decline to give permission do not appear in this project (with an exception for known deceased authors, added in 2010).  Please respect any claims or disclaimers on stories and archives.

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Forever Knight was created by Parriot & Cohen and belongs to Sony.