Bright Knight

Amy's Forever Knight Fanpoetry
Updated May 20, 2011

Croissant, Stereo, Nintendo

"Solace" (PG)

2011 May — 226 words

Natalie, Nick, Schanke

Different people unwind in different ways after a difficult night.

Responses: 5

In 1228, Janette leads Nick into the dark.

"He Never Blames Her" (PG)

2006 June — 121 words

Janette/Nick, Lacroix

Nick never accuses Janette of complicity in his condition.

Responses: 8

Dr. Chung looks at a Chinese banner.

"Mai's Little Boy" (PG)

2005 December — 667 words

Chung, Mai Chung, Lacroix, Nick, Janette

His mother's murder has shadowed Doctor Chung's entire life.

Responses: 7

Janette seated at a table in the Raven

"The Coming Choice" (PG)

2003 August — 224 words

Janette, Nick, Lacroix

What will Janette do if and when Nick regains his humanity?

Responses: 8

Hands unroll a scroll

"Someone Like Me" (PG)

2002 August — 155 words


Nick knows he is not the first vampire to seek his lost humanity.

Responses: 3

Contemplative Nick

"At Issue" (PG)

2000 June — 290 words

Nick, Lynn Fiori, Lacroix, Stonetree

While interrogating a suspect, Nick identifies his struggle with hers.

Responses: 5
+ Winner, '00 FK Fanfic Award

Nick and Janette, before a kiss

"Longer than the Medicis" (PG)

1999 August— 1269 words


One night in their endless parade of nights, Janette and Nick host a party.

Responses: 4
+ Nominee, '99 FK Fanfic Award


Naturally, these fanpoems are entirely fictional.  Forever Knight was created by Parriot & Cohen and belongs to Sony.  Feedback is welcome; please drop me a line and let me know what you think.  Thank you very much for reading!