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Information Science

       Technology of Consciousness

           Quantum Thinking

                  Getting IT: How We Think and How Else We Can Think


Physiology and Well Being

An Insight into Cerebral Palsy and A New Therapeutic Potential

Thermobaric Matrix: A Systems' Approach to Biological Phenomena

     AIDS and Syphilis

         Aging and Its Reversal

              Cancer:  The Etiology, Treatment and Prevention

In Dogs      Special Report on Research in Non-Humans and Humans


 Genetics and the Epigenomic Field

       Hereditary Anemias:  Positive Adaptation to Environmental Stress

Tools for Wellness

Comprehensive Medical and Personal History

Syphilis Risk Self-Assessment


List of Research and Special Reports that can be ordered

 Metaphysics for Mind, Body and Soul

Inner Landscapes: Metaphysical Interpretations of Fairy Tales and Legends

The Center for Spiritual Living     My Spiritual Philosophy and Ministry