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Welcome to my home page. I live in Oakland El Cerrito, CA, where I'm the token eccentric intellectual at my straight job. I enjoy Fatherhood, Cycling, Homebuilt Airplanes, and Gardening w/California Native Plants.

Newest Content, February 28,2008 Updated the Rant on VW powered homebuilts again. I update my Blog more often than anything else on this site, although I've gotten a little lazy about that too.

April 6, 2005, Updated both the Rant on VW powered homebuilts and the VW Aero Engines Opinions, links, and bad advice. All A few of the numerous dead links are fixed, and some of the text has been updated or changed, a few new (to me) designs added.

December 3, 2004, I now have a Blog, and I dare you to find it. If you are a friend or relative of mine, and want to see the current pictures, E-mail me, they are on a seperate secure server.

October 13, 2003, New page on Aluminum Sources, zorched all the Baby Pictures for "Stranger Danger" concerns and because I had accumulated 25 Megs of them on my servers!

11/11/02 Added articles on Collaborative Homebuilding (airplanes) and Flanging Dies for Lightening Holes.

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