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General Interest (if any at all)

My links page more on the following subjects, plus Electric Vehicles and other junk

Ryan's Hotlist Miscellaneous unsorted links, straight out of my browser.

The gestational nub of my landscaping project California native plants.

Divorce Sucks and what you can do about it.

My sermon, from Yom Kippur morning, 2001, on what it's like to be a White Anglo Saxon Protestant (lapsed) member of a large progressive Jewish congregation.

My blog postings on Homebuilt airplanes, relationships, sexuality, parenting.

Baby Pictures

If you are a friend or relative, and want to see the pictures, e-mail me

Experimental Aviation stuff

Motorsports and Boating books useful for homebuilders

My biased evaluations, with short descriptions, of every VW powered homebuilt I can find

Comments from Henry Moreau an Irish homebuilder, and Bob Hoover on the Druine Turbulent and Teenie Two

SCAT Heads for your VW powered homebuilt

Comments by Juan Manuel Lozano on the Bradley Aerobat and Chuckbird

A History Lesson on VW powered homebuilts in the US from Hugh Beckham

Thoughts and links on VW Aeroengines

Fixing your POSA carb so that it really works

Selling my prop over the internet A cautionary tale.

Use of the Moaning Chair Who tells you the truth about homebuilding? I do.

General Aviation and Air Pollution Outline of a talk I gave on the subject a few years ago.

The story of the Buick/Oldsmobile/Pontiac aluminum V-8, and it's use as an aircraft engine

A Starter project for potential builders of metal homebuilt airplanes

Another starter project, this one is an Apprentices Toolbox

An article by my shipmate, Veeduber, on How to Build Ribs

An article on how to carve a propeller.

Some research and opinons on carbs for VW aeroengines.

Photos of executing certain of the HVX Mods for VW aeroengines.

Photos, and links for the bits and pieces of Direct, Flywheel end drive for VW aeroengines.

Sonerai Stuff

A short article on building a towbar for a Sonerai.

Why I built a Sonerai, and you should too.

Short article on safety belts for my Sonerai IIL

More of the above

The Manifest Virtues of the Sonerai Highly biased rant about John Monnet's most popular Experimental airplane design.

My airplane project Now SOLD!

Sonerai's with bubble canopies and no turtledeck, like a P-51D.

Wiring Diagram for distributor ignition

Tapered Wingtips for Sonerai's, an apparently bad idea.

Sonerai Pictures, with a few extra KR-2 and Dragonfly engine installations

Sonerai Reprints from MONINK, the original Monnet Experimental Aircraft, Inc. newsletter.

How to modify a Sonerai fuselage to accept a HAPI VW aeroengine

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