Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cheap Generator Bike Lights Are The Bomb

6V SET GENERATOR LIGHT by Bravo Sports/Bike Access - More Bicycle Accessories at

I continue my allegiance to this type of light. The Union sets may be nicer and the Schmidt and Dymotec systems CERTAINLY are, but the Chinese made unit I installed over 2 years ago is still going strong.

Last night's ride from Girlfriend's apartment in Berkeley to my house in El Cerrito reminded me again of how much I love riding at night. The streets, even the main drags like San Pablo avenue, are quiet. I can smell the night blooming shrubberies. I can tell what kind of wood is burning in the cozy fireplaces of the early 20th century bungalows that line the streets of the North Berkeley and Albany flats. No raccoons last night, but I often see families of the "little water bears" trolling from one garbage can or backyard fruit tree to the next.

Every bike, if it is to be used for transportation, needs a light. And for me ("disposable" commuter bike, don't ride in the rain much), a cheap "bottle" generator works best.



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