Friday, June 08, 2007

VW Aero Engine Mockup

In order to work out the intake and exhaust, I've built a mockup out of a junk case, 2 junk heads, and some aluminum spacers. I've got it mounted to my engine stand, so I can flip it all around with relative ease. Below is my first cut at what the plumbing will look like:

Symmetry is the hobgoblin of the unimaginative. The objectives here were a crossover 4 into 2 into 1 exhaust, take carb heat off at least 2 cylinders, and have the sump accessible for oil changes. To save weight, the intakes will be fabricated out of aluminum bends from Burns Stainless, the exhaust will be mild steel, starting from a Great Plains U-Build kit, ceramic coated.

Update: I've decided I don't like the 1-4 exhaust running that close to the carb, so I'm going to try to run it in front of the intake.

Another Update: NONE of the exhaust scheme presented here worked at all, given the bed mount of my fuselage, so I've radically simplified the arrangement, so later posts.

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