Saturday, May 03, 2008

Carb Cleaner is not for long term storage

About two weeks ago, I pulled my Tillotson cores out of the tub of toxic methyl chloride carb cleaner. They'd been sitting in there since, oh, last May.

Lots of parts were ruined. Both floats at the very least.

The pot metal pieces looked OK, but the brass parts seemed to have dissociated.

So, yes, let the stuff do it's work, but a month is probably as long as you should let carb parts sit in this witches brew.

UPDATE, October

I closely examined the pot metal upper and lower main castings, and decided they are junk. They look like they've been sandblasted. And the Carburator Refactory didn't have any Tillotsons for Model A's, only Bendix boat anchors.

So I'm giving up on the Tillotson X project. I don't want to fart around with them anymore, unless someone GIVES ME a NOS or completely rebuilt one before I can buy a Zenith 1821 from Great Plains.

IF you do find a nice core and want to try this carb, DO get the Master Rebuild kit, AND the book, and DON'T soak the pieces for longer than a couple of days before fishing them out, drilling out the plugs, reaming the passages, and finishing the rebuild using new gaskets.

ANOTHER UPDATE, later in October

I was cruising E-Bay and found a rebuilt, test run Tillotson X for $150 shipped. Bought it. Half the price of the new Zenith. And I have rebuild kits and a Grose Jet to spare!

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